Nursing Persuasive Essay Topics

The nursing profession focuses on providing care to individuals, communities, and families. It is one of the most lucrative professions. As a nursing student, you must be prepared to brainstorm and research different topics in your program, including nursing persuasive essay topics. Writing persuasive essays helps students apply their critical thinking and writing skills to understand some nursing concepts that have more complex answers.

Developing persuasive nursing essay topics is a huge task for students, especially beginners. Even when given a list of topics to select from, it might be challenging for you. We have compiled a list of some nursing persuasive essay topics you can borrow or use to guide you as you develop one to meet your needs.

Our experienced professionals have customized these topics to be used by students at both high school and college levels. Once you have a relevant topic you are excited to write about, it will be easy to research and draft a quality paper. Contact us to speak to our experts if you need professional guidance and assistance.

Below are some of our nursing persuasive essay topics that will inspire and guide you as you write your persuasive paper.

  • What are ethical issues in nursing?
  • Discuss nursing as the most resourceful profession in healthcare
  • What health hazards are nurses exposed to?
  • Financial compensation between doctors and nurses
  • Compare nurses’ and doctors’ roles in healthcare
  • Negligence in nursing
  • Abuse of power by nurse leaders and managers
  • Patient care at homes
  • Use of oral contraceptives among women over the age of thirty years
  • Ethical implications of giving placebo medication to a pediatric population with mental health issues
  • How difficult is it to detect C difficile in children under the age of five years?
  • What are the vital sign requirements for patients detected to suffer from diabetes?
  • Does therapy and counseling help to boost self-confidence among patients suffering from HIV/AIDs
  • Is the use of antidepressants among young adults affecting their mental health?
  • Name and discuss the effects of using vaccinations on children compared to adults.
  • Does daily monitoring of vitals help in controlling high blood pressure among older adults?
  • Is it true that continued use of hard drugs and alcohol among teenagers increases the risk of depression?
  • Should government motivate more males to join the nursing profession?
  • How can racial discrimination be eliminated in the nursing profession?
  • Should nurses emotionally connect with their patients by talking to them about their personal issues?
  • Are nurses advised to interact with their patients beyond professional levels?
  • Can nurses be expelled for having intimate relationships with their patients?
  • What’s the limit in nurse-patient relationships?
  • Can you prove that nursing is more tenuous than other healthcare professions?
  • Can encouraging both male and female nurses to talk about discrimination and sexual harassment helps to lower depression in the workplace?
  • What are the risks associated with contraceptives among women between the ages of twenty and thirty?
  • Discuss the side effects of hormonal contraceptives among women in the US
  • How widespread is the use of contraceptives among men?

Nursing Picot Questions

Whether you are finishing your nursing school or working in a healthcare system, you will be required to begin your evidence-based research using nursing picot questions. The word picot in nursing picot questions is a mnemonic representing the patient, intervention, comparison, outcome and time. The picot nursing question is generated from a case scenario and phrased to generate a solution.

Learning the Picot Nursing Question Process 

To clearly define variables that make up a research question in nursing, you must use a structured framework for your question. Picot is the commonly used framework in nursing. The nursing picot question consists of


Who is the patient, or what is the problem or population being addressed?


What is the relevant action or change, or treatment is considered to affect the patient, population, or problem?


Compared to the interventions mentioned, what other possible interventions can be considered?


What is the expected relevant outcome from the interventions applied?

Time frame

In what time frame is the intervention adopted expected to attain the expected outcome?

Solving nursing problems for picot questions makes it easy for nurses to gather evidence and fact. That is because the application of the Picot framework makes it easy to obtain and combine the relevant terms necessary to represent the need for the elements of the Picot question, regardless of where you are gathering your information.

How to Develop Good Nursing Picot Questions

Now that you understand what a nursing picot question is and its elements, it is good to learn how to develop ideas for nursing picot questions and prepare a perfect one. Below are simple steps that will help you with that;

Formulate the Picot question

Understand the population of study based on the medical problem of interest, age, occupation, gender, or status. To successfully formulate a Picot question, you need to narrow the population to a single patient with a problem representing the entire population. For example, it could be a population in each location with issues such as cancer or diabetes; you choose a patient to represent the rest for the generalizability of outcomes.

Identify the key phrases and words for each Picot element

  • In the population element, identify the specific group of study
  • In intervention, name the intervention or treatment you have decided to take
  • In comparison, element state and explain other interventions or treatment plans you can compare to the ones considered.
  • In outcome, you state the anticipated outcome or result.
  • Timeframe, state the period it will take.

Plan for your methodology

You can do that by identifying the key aspects of your problem. Using simple phrases and keywords will help increase your search, enabling you to narrow your research question.

Conduct research

Set your set mode to a phrase before you begin searching. Using phrases and synonyms to search will enable the system to bring words that are related to them in a single search.

Refine your results

That will help you save time and energy as you review your research content. You can do that by putting limiters based on publishing dates and times.

Conduct literature review

  • After adding limiters, select and review the most relevant sources.
  • Determine the level of your evidence.
  • Determine the amount and quality of your evidence in each relevant source.

What Makes Your Picot Good or Poor

  • Good Picot questions for nursing cover all the elements of the Picot framework. It is specific in terms of words and results. It will address an issue regarding studying, risk, cause, medication, etc. An unsuccessful Picot is unspecific and takes the background information as a survey question.
  • Successful Picot nursing questions are open-ended. The more roof they leave for further questions, the more they become worthy of investigation.
  • A good Picot question is precise and clear. If you combine phrases and words and need help finding the sources you are looking for, try to use a single component at a time instead of using them all at once.

Picot Questions for Nursing Examples 

  • In obese children (P), how does the consumption of fruits (I) compare to the reduced consumption of wheat (C) in reducing weight? (O)
  • Are teenagers (P) who come from a family with a history of obesity(I) at bigger risk for being obese (O) compared with teenagers (P) who come from families with no obesity history (C) during the ages of eleven and eighteen (T)?

Picot Questions for Nursing Research

Below is a list of some of the Picot questions for nursing research

  • What are the possible after-effects of heparin injection therapy?
  • Which one is better, Ingestion of vitamin C or zinc pills for cold prevention among middle-aged women?
  • Is skin-to-skin contact between the baby and mother a better way of bonding?
  • How do nurses help to prevent pre-operation depression amongst patients awaiting cardiac operation?
  • Which is a better way of dealing with obesity among school-going children?

Do you Need help with your Nursing Picot Question?

Brainstorming and developing a relevant Picot question requires a lot of dedication from the researchers. They will need to search for sources and study. This process can be overwhelming for someone new or even experienced researchers with so much going on with their lives.

Once you have a relevant Picot question, the research process becomes streamlined. You can discover and present the best evidence to support your decisions and explore alternative treatment plans.

If this process seems too much for you, you need not to worry. All you need to do is seek professional assistance with your assignment from trusted writers. You can contact us to hire experts to help you customize nursing persuasive essay topics or write nursing picot questions for you.

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